Camp Review 2011

Camp Review 2011

Dear AFC 2011 campers

AFC 2011 is my 2nd AFC Camp after the AFC 2008. Thank God that I'm able to make myself free from my work and assignments. This year AFC (2011) become very special to me, where I don't have the right words to describe how special it is. I'm very excited when I reached the front gate/entrance of the Refreshing Spring Resort; my heart was cheering "Yay... I'm here!!!" while the truck is taking few of us from Butterworth Gospel Hall entering the camp; very excited when I stepped down from the truck with Hue Jin and Angeline welcoming few of us; and I'm extremely excited when I stepped into the Hall, seeing some of the familiar faces, and also the new faces... Oh, Boy! The joy in me just overflowed!!! Is a great feeling and great joy to have the brothers and sisters in Christ come together from various places, and having fellowship together in His name... What else? "Hello AFC 2011!!!" a loud shout out from the bottom of my heart.

Having fellowship together is what I enjoy the most. Catch up with the familiar faces, and get to know the new faces. Greeting, chatting, sharing, discussing, smiling, and laughing together... Playing games like Taboo, Bible Challenge, and enjoying the hot spring. Not forget also the acting on the book of Esther, well, acting is the weakest part of mine, but I'm glad to have strong teammates (Thank you, guys), and some "Classic Act" that makes the camp more wonderful it is, and I'm glad that I didn't miss this camp... Not forget also the Snacks' corner that keeps the fellowship happening, and nice to have that.

I had a great time in this camp, the messages from the speakers that enriched my life as His children, the activities prepared by the organizing committee members, and the fellowship I had with the brothers and sisters are all makes me feel like HOME. The messages shared by the speakers I found it very useful. Still fresh in mind is the message from Mr. Wong with the 3 different lengths of candles. For each represent different stages in life, as long as it continued burning, the lights will be equally bright. A simple example, but full with courage. The courage to keep on the good works, the courage to glorify His name, and the courage to shine on and on...

"Let your light so shine; before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven." Matthew 5:17 (KJV)

Personally, this is the camp that makes me think of my good old days, and help me to re-discover my passion in serving Him, and my relationship with Him. Remembering the very 1st day a quiet boy attend church with his grandmother, the naughty little fellow in the Sunday School, the young fellow who race on the streets with his mountain bike, the day this funny young fellow join the Youth Fellowship, the day when His Word touched this young man's heart, the day when this young man invited Him come into his life, the days of this young man experienced as a teacher, the people I had meet, and the days of good and bad, joy and sorrow And thank God that He didn't leave this young man behind, but taking care of this young man with His unfailing love... For God is good, all the time.

"Change my heart oh God, Make it ever true. Change my heart oh God, May I be like You..."

"Take me, break me, mold me, Lord. As the Potter shapes the clay..."

Before I end, I want to thank the AFC committee that making this camp memorable and successful one. Big thank to Angeline, David, Hue Jin, and Debbie, for they keep on telling me "Ai-yah, come la...", "Ai-yah, join la...", "Ai-yah, don't always work la...", "Don't want to join ah? Ai-yah... Why like that??", "Wei, come la, we miss you eh..." and something special from Hue Jin "Do you remember what your mom told you?" and that's makes me stunned a little... And then I said "Let's pray about it..." After all, I'm glad that God make it happen for me to join AFC 2011, I'm glad to be with the brothers and sisters in AFC 2011, and I'm glad for able to spend more time with Him in morning devotion, and worship. Enjoy and treasure every single moment with Him, and I hope everyone too =)

See you all again in near future...Stay in touch... =)

Best Regards & God Bless,
Eugene Lim CL
Butterworth Gospel Hall, Penang.