Camp Review 2013

Camp Review 2013

1) Brief Report

From island to island - this was how somebody describe this year's AFC venue in Singapore coming from last year's venue in Penang. Sentosa is another smaller island off the main island of Singapore.

On the first night, after bro Daniel storytelling & bro Swee Seng's first Talk, Jolene & Stephanie led us on a ice-breaker. Standing in a big circle, all of us have to give ourselves a nickname which best describe ourselves starting with the same alphabet (for eg. Joyful Jolene, Sleepy Stephanie etc) and everybody have to take turns repeating the nicknames with a little bit of action. As a consequence, for the next three days of the camp, a sister keeps calling me Winky instead of Waikhong.

The next morning, we split into two groups. One group visited the museums (Entrance fees are FOC as it was Singapore's National Day) and the other group stayed back at Sentosa to explore and take part in the activities like cycling etc. These two groups merged together again at a chain pizza restaurant owned by an assembly church leader. We were grateful to him as dinner was on the house. This church leader also did the encouraging storytelling (his life changing encounters with the Lord) inside one enclosed section of his restaurant followed by bro Swee Seng's second Talk.

On the third day, the committee chartered a bus to ferry us to the historical Fort Canning Park. While waiting for those who drives their own cars to join us at the Park, we found a quiet spot to wait and to rest. After bro Lee Khai did the morning devotion with us, bro Swee Seng led us on an impromptu sharing session when everybody was seated in a circle. He asked us to share on subjects to the effect of What beauty do you see in your workplace? and What difference can I make in my workplace as a Christian to make it a better workplace?

After touring the expansive Park and the spice garden trail, we proceed to the YMCA building which is just down the hill for lunch. The committee rented a small meeting room in the YMCA where bro Kenneth Wong did another encouraging storytelling session followed by tea and bro Swee Seng's third Talk. Then the waiting bus took us to Singapore's latest attraction, the Gardens by the Bay. One group visited the Cloud Forest Conservatory and the other group the Flower Dome. One smaller group walked to the Merlion Park by the river. After dinner at a Chinese Restaurant, some of us stopped to take photos of the imposing Marina Bay Sands Hotel from afar. We also stopped to enjoy the free light & sound performance below the many Supertrees. Then it was the nite walk on the 128 metres long aerial Walkway to the Marina Bay Sands Shopping Centre. Here we managed to catch another light & sound performance outside the shopping centre by the lake. Then we noticed that bro Daniel being glued to a live jazz band performance on an open-air stage.

On reaching back to the Costa Sands Resort, some stayed up late into the nite at our own cozy corner by the BBQ benches provided.

Early morning showers which started in the middle of the night greeted us on the last day at Camp. Despite the rain and on checking out, our waiting bus managed to take us to the Lord's Day remembrance service at Bethesda Depot Walk in good time.

After the service, we mingled with our Singaporeans brethren over tea and durians among other foodstuff (I was told additional food was prepared in anticipation of us). Then we were allocated an empty room in the church where we have our storytelling by bro Tan Kian Huat (who shared on the just opened primary school in Cambodia started by the assemblies). This was followed by bro Swee Seng's final Talk and challenge "to seek the peace & prosperity of the place and people you are with" (Jeremiah 29 :7)

AFC 2013 ended after the whole group walked to a typical Singaporean foodcourt next to the church for lunch & bidding each other farewells.

A word of thanks to the committee whose labour for the Lord wasn't in vain.

- Foo Wai Khong
(Jalan Imbi Chapel)

2) Sharing Rosalina Khaw Lay Lee

At first the topic for AFC 2013 The idea of Nation Building offers no attraction for me to attend but the venue being in Singapore and at Sentosa Island coupled with the reasonable early bird cost RM 450 pax (also heard that the conference needed more people to attend) prompted me and three other senior singles to join then.

No regrets for me and for my fellow sisters (four of us could travel easily in S'pore by taxi conveniently) and thanks be to God and the AFC Committee for we were blessed with well-planned programmes , the profitable and practical theme talks by speaker Mr. Lee Swee Seng (a prominent Malaysian judge) and story-telling sessions held by three very godly brothers from S'pore Ang Mo Kio assembly.

- Mr. Kenneth Wong shared his testimony in becoming a Christian and Ang Mo Kio's history of their moving to different locations cos of Government policies of taking back the land;

- Mr. Andrew Kwan's ( proprietor of Pastamania) sharing of his and the church's involvement in remedial education (through a sister-in Christ's appointment at North Light school) and God's blessing in his businesses;

I also am happy to visit two places which I haven't visited before: Fort Canning and Marina Bay.

Thanks to Daniel Ong (the chairman) for the effective sharing on the mission trip to Nepal (with his church).

I hope to attend future AFC whenever I can, God willing.

Rosalina Khaw Lay Lee (BRGH)

3) Sharing Bernice Wong

Just wanted to say a great big THANK YOU from my heart for all your hard work and tireless efforts in organizing and running the camp. Thanks for all the careful planning and service to God in creating a camp for such a small group of people. The message from God truly encouraged me and I am sure all the other campers too, to press on for God wherever we are and not be weary in well-doing!

God bless you all and Thank you once again!

Sincerely in-Christ,
Bernice Wong (Bethesda Hall, Ang Mo Kio)