Camp Review 2014

Camp Review 2014

Dear AFC 2014 campers

I have heard of AFC for many years now. Quite a number of people I know have attended the past AFCs and year after year, these people would encourage me to sign up, but I would somehow have some reasons not to.

Perhaps it is because of laziness - needing to apply for leave, clearing schedules and making up for missed classes, or having to pack-travel-unpack for just a few days then back to work again. It could also be because of fear; going to a camp where I may not know many people there and unlike my own local church camps, I wouldn't know what to expect. Another possible reason for my reluctance to sign up could be my wilfulness why do I have to go just because everyone says it's nice? Also, since camps are occasions when we are separated from our busy daily lives to be among God's people and to have more time to spend on God's Word; what if I go and I hear His voice speaking to me? How should I respond?

Then came AFC 2014.

After considering for a very long time, I finally decided to sign up and I found out that it wasn't that difficult after all! I just had to fill up the form, pay the fees, pack my bags, and go. I didn't even have to replace classes because it was mid-term break. I wasn't entirely a stranger there since several campers were people I've known or met before. Bottom line, there was nothing to be worried or fearful of.

That's just me getting all worked up because of my worries and fears over small matters, big matters or even things that don't matter. Then each little worry and fear multiply and soon they become a heavy burden. Rest from the Burden You Bear was both a smack in the head, and also a balm to the heart. It was a reminder that despite all the head-knowledge I may have about God's Word, I NEED to trust in Him whole-heartedly. To do so, I MUST get to know Him better in a personal manner. The comforting part is that the outcome is definite: And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart. And I WILL be found of you, saith the LORD [Jeremiah 29:13]

Moreover, my God whom I have put my trust in cannot go against His character and does not break His promises. True, I will have problems, worries and fears while I'm still living on this earth they won't magically disappear - but I also have the assurance that He will be there whenever I turn to Him for rest, for strength, for help what more can I ask for?

So, to the people who have persistently encouraged me to sign up for AFC, and to those who have worked so hard organizing the camp, thank you very, very much. To those who may be checking out this AFC website, browsing through the reviews and wondering if you should sign up Just. Do. It. Till we meet again, God bless!

In Him,
Andrew Wong
Klang Gospel Hall