Camp Review 2015

5 Blessings received from attending the AF Camp 2015:

1) God answers prayers!

I was one of the last to sign up for the camp because I wasn't sure whether my boss would approve my leave as there was an acute shortage of staff. But thank God a new staff joined the department right before the camp started and I was free to go! Thank you camp planning committee for accepting my last minute sign-up!

2) Getting a much needed break from work

It was indeed times of refreshing as we got away from the hustle & bustle of our daily routine and just waited upon the Lord to speak to us from His Word. What greater blessing can there be than this?

3) Germinating new friendships

This camp is unique compared to the church family camps that I used to attend because it brings working adults from various assemblies in Malaysia to fellowship together and encourage one another. It wasn't hard to click and get the conversations going even though I barely knew 90% of the people in the camp; and it was a wonderful opportunity to get to know & interact with other brothers & sisters in Christ apart from the ones we see in church every week.

4) Gaining a deeper understanding of the book of Daniel

My understanding of the book had always been limited to chapters 1 - 6 because that's where the "interesting" stories happened. In this camp, the speaker helped us to understand the prophecies in the latter chapters of the book and related them to the events that happened in the past and gave us a glimpse of what is to come in the future. We see God at work through all these events and acknowledge that He is in control of all things. Our camp verse, Daniel 1:8 challenges us to be a testimony for God and to make a difference in the workplace.

5) Games, recreation & food!

Of course, we enjoyed ourselves exploring the town of Ipoh, savouring the delicious food and had fun playing telematches, games and simply chatting during the many meals that we had!